How I copywrite

From "Hello" to "Hell, yeah!" here's what working with me looks like.

You free? I got something for you

Tell me a little about you and a lot about your project.
Is it better explained over a call? I get that.
After quick introductions, we can talk more over Skype.

It's a doozy. So, whadya think?

Give me as much info as you can. Project scope, timeline, how many heads are involved… everything you’re comfortable telling me before we sign anything.
I’ll send you a quote and if we both think we’re a fit, let’s get started.

I got this. Gimme all I need

You answer a detailed Copywriting Brief that gets into all the details about your product, your project, your key messages, your sales targets, and your ultimate business goals.

Alright! Now I get crackin'

You create a Google/Dropbox folder and drop in supporting images, visual designs or wireframes, ready marketing materials, survey/poll responses, client testimonials, existing copy, press releases, personas, etc.

Yay? Yay!

You get a Google Doc you can add comments to, and Content Wireframes for some of the new copy.
Words live in context and the wireframes will show you how the copy should sit in your product for maximum impact.

You get 1 round of revisions, if needed. (Usually, isn’t.)

Hold up! What if we…

Do you test everything? You get variations of the copy. We look at how your new copy performs, which ones works best, and which can be optimized.

And then we tweak, tweak, tweak till you’ve got copy that works upside down and blindfolded.

Ready to beat that target?

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