Hi, I’m Nagranee Channa – a content designer.

Through language, I help teams deliver products and solutions that are a little less disruptive.

At its simplest, this is how I work:
Assess goals → research users → design messages → test. ↻ Repeat.

Nagranee is someone who will get the work done and be straight to your face. She is really fast and very iterative in her approach.
Ishan Raychaudari
Tech Lead, Shopify

What will I add to your teams?

UX Background

With over 7 years of experience working with product teams (first as a UX designer and now as a content designer), I know how important data and research is to content. I can help your product speak to the user in words they’d use.  

Student of Psychology

Everything I write is backed by the rules of consumer psychology and behavioral economics. Your product copy will help simplify, guide, and then get out of the way.

Team Player

90% of my business comes through word of mouth. I’m quick on the uptake and know that it takes a passionate team to build a dream. 

What does working with me look like?

If you want a content designer/UX writer/product content strategist/information architect who will:

  1. probably micromanage all content initiatives, and
  2. speak loudly about the redundance of saying end-to-end user experience,

… I’m your woman.

Many ignore the power of content and the directions it can lead a product. She will help you get a clear sense of mind about it.
The fact I respect the most is her way of thinking.
You need to give it a try.
Nijil David
Senior Product Designer, Deliveroo

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