Hi, I’m Nagranee Channa – a UX Writer & Conversion Copywriter.
I help businesses deliver products and services that invite, delight, and retain.

Marketing Directors hire me because I specialise in writing copy that moves the reader to ‘yes’ using voice-of-customer data, frameworks, and proven persuasion techniques.

UX teams love working with me because when it comes to writing for product, I am obsessed with designing messages that are clear, concise, and helpful.

The best part of working with you is that you just 'get’ the brand and you sound 100% like dubizzle. You hit the ground running and nailed the copy projects you worked on.​
Nadia Zehni​
Director of Marketing, dubizzle​

Why hire me?

UX Background

I bring over 7 years of experience in product design and UX research. Using data and research to inform all copy, I’ll help you get inside your users’ head and talk to them in words they’d use.

Student of Psychology

Every copy in your projects will be backed by the rules of consumer psychology and behavioral economics. You’ll get sales copy that doesn’t sound like sales copy. Your product copy will help simplify, guide, and then get out of the way.

Team Player
90% of my business comes through word of mouth. My clients return for multiple projects because I’m quick on the uptake and know that it takes a passionate team to build a dream. 

What could that look like for you?

How I can help

UX Writing
(UI strings, notifications, product names, onboarding, in-app tutorials…)

Digital Copywriting
(Landing + lead-generation pages, drip campaigns, website content, sales pages)

Content Guides
Educational Guides

Content Strategy
Content Audit & Review


Nagranee is someone who will get the work done and be straight to your face. She is also really fast and very iterative in her approach. A great all rounder so you can bounce a lot of ideas with her.
Ishan Raychaudari
Tech Lead, Shopify

A quick story of how I…

… stumbled into digital copywriting. I was a UX designer for several years before I moved on to writing for marketing and UX teams. As an in-house designer with no writer to go to for content, I wrote copy for all my designs. And because I wasn’t too shabby at it, I ended up writing for everyone else’s designs, too. And then for the marketing team’s web-efforts. And for the email onboarding campaigns for the CLM team. Before I knew it, I was the go-to person in my company for all copy when it came to writing for the web.

And I loved it. I enjoyed tossing out the fluff and simplifying things for the user. I’d also run enough user interviews over the years that I’d developed a system to help me find out what the user really wanted. This in turn informed how I wrote the messages to guide the user along. 

And in a previous life…

… I had a brief stint designing for a global ad agency. It was a time filled with back-to-back pitch-weekends (if you know, you know), working for everyone senior to me regardless of department (‘Hello! New hire? Do all of this!’), locking myself in a toilet to cry silent tears, and mantras of ‘breathe’.

Everyone I’ve worked with since thinks I’d be calm during a storm. 

You're a fun person and very committed… and you deal well with pressure. You take care of the project the way it should be taken care of, even if that takes more time to do it.

You're very pragmatic and I like the fact that you also don't have any patience for bullshit.
João Pacheco
Senior Product Designer, Dashlane

If you’re looking for a UX writer & conversion copywriter who will:

  1. probably micromanage all copy initiatives, and
  2. speak loudly about the redundance of saying ‘end-to-end’ user experience,

… I’m your woman.

Have a project in mind?