Hi! I’m Nagranee.

I help clients create website content that’s clear, concise, and helpful.

You know how on most of the websites you go to, the information you want is either hard to find, inconsistent, or sometimes irrelevant and just really bad?

I fix that. 

How I fell into UX Writing

Or, How getting pissed at what’s handed to you, and showing it, can lead to a career change.

I was a UX Designer way before I wrote copy for websites. In the last few years of my previous job, I was spending more time writing than I was designing. I enjoyed taking the fluff out of what was handed to me. Simplifying things for the always-in-a-hurry user was fun. But I was doing it so often that I became the go-to person for all product copy.

But before my years in UX, I was losing faith in humanity at an ad agency. It was a year full of crazy pitches, working for everyone regardless of department (‘Hello! New intern? Do this!’), locking myself in a toilet to cry silent tears, and mantras of ‘breathe’.

Everyone I’ve worked with thinks I’d be calm during a storm.

Nope. It’s my Agency Experience™. (Well, I have slept through two earthquakes…)


You’re a fun person and very committed. You take project in a very relaxed way and you deal well with pressure. Also you take care of the project the way it should be taken care of, even if that takes more time to do it. You’re very pragmatic and I like the fact that you also don’t have any patience for bullshit.

Here’s a funny little Indian person who’s very talented when it comes to copy and putting all the things together in order to make sense. Just don’t buy her popcorn and you’ll be fine.

– João Pacheco, UX|UI Designer, Trezentos Portugal


It could be about something I’ve posted or an opportunity you’d like to share. I can’t say no to interesting ideas. Or a cup of tea.

All good relationships start with a hello.

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