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First, a bit of history

A couple years ago, I was part of a project where dubizzle redesigned its websites for the Emerging Markets. These sites were the first to go responsive – smartphone and tablet users represented up to 23 per cent of our traffic in that region. As it was a new market and emphasis was on ‘Arabic first, Mobile first’, each region got localised content for its users (it still does). However, they had a very different look & feel to the UAE website.

Fast forward to 2013 and one of the major projects at work was the rebranding of dubizzle. This resulted in a unification in style, tone and messaging of everything we presented to the user – it’s time to UNO, baby.

The challenge

Late 2013 saw a team of programmers, designers and project managers work together for over 9 months to realign all the dubizzle websites to the new UNO guidelines.

The process

Research, Userflows and Experience mapping
Creation of the UI styleguide
Responsive wireframes
Visual designs
Prototypes & Usertests
Tweak designs, prototype, user tests – rinse, repeat
Arabic supported designs & prototype
Field user tests
‘Lipstick’ stage where redesigns were shipped in stages


[More Userflows]

[Journey maps]

[Fluid to the bone meant thinking about the design and layout for several breakpoints.]

[Apart from the several external user tests, we invited a few of our colleagues/new recruits to help us test our prototypes.]

The outcome

This second redesign of dubizzle brought together the look & feel of the different regional websites in the Emerging Markets to be consistent with the rebranding and the design guidelines that were created via the UNO project.
Dubizzle MENA

[Responsive with a focus on Mobile first, Arabic first (for MENA regions).]

[Mobile designs]

[Tablet versions]

[Arabic designs for MENA sites]

[ was built to showcase the new guidelines]

[All the design elements consolidated in to one UI kit]

Where will the future take us?

The UAE site will see design tweaks over the coming year to make it responsive.
Dubizzle UAE

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