Nurturing B2B relationships through emails

The Plan
Communicate with current and prospective B2B users on a consistent basis.

My Involvement
Wrote email copy for my client for their new B2B email marketing campaigns.

Supporting Teams
Marketing, Product


The Brief

My client’s new B2B marketing strategy involved several email campaigns that would target their current and prospective B2B users. The goal was to continue the conversation and stay connected with the users throughout their user-journey. I came on board to write the copy for these emails. These were email campaigns like:

  • onboarding
  • upselling
  • perception maintenance
  • perception changing
  • re-engagement
A few of the email campaigns

Getting to The Solution

I follow a time-tested process when designing messages. It starts with research & discovery and includes activities like:

  • reviewing existing content
  • reviewing brand guidelines
  • performing a competitor review
  • conducting audience research

When writing for these email campaigns, I assessed how well their current emails adhered to the rules of writing for the web, looked at what the client’s competitors were doing wrong (and what they were getting right), and pored over their audience research information.

My guiding principles during this project were:

  • People do business with people, not companies.
  • Be honest, passionate, and attentive. And no corporate-speak.
  • No self-praising adjectives – they’re the star.
  • Don’t overwhelm them with too many details (unless required) but also use their own stories to convince them.

The Solution

A section from the Content Doc

I present my work through video calls and/or in-person using a content doc and content wireframes. I’d worked with the client before and their design team knew not to take the content wireframes as design suggestions but as a document  essential for showing messaging hierarchy.

Email – Upselling a premium feature
Content wireframe – Email upselling a premium feature
Content wireframe – One of several emails targeting churned users

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