Auditing the User Experience of a Premium Service

The client was seeing drop-offs in their website for one of their new value-added services.

My Involvement
I audited the user experience of the value-added service – with a focus on content.

3 weeks

The Brief is the Middle East’s most popular ecommerce and community portal. Sell it For Me is their new car-selling service where they help the user sell their car. dubizzle takes care of the entire car-sale process, including handling all the paperwork.

This new service was performing well but they had expected more from their campaigns. I came on board to help improve the user experience of the service – with a focus on content.

Touch points

Getting to The Solution

I follow a time-tested process when designing messages. It starts with research & discovery and includes activities like:

  • reviewing existing content
  • reviewing brand guidelines
  • performing a competitor review
  • running user interviews
  • assessing current user-experience
User Interviews
Collating user interviews

We tested different copy and adjusted what information the user saw when. It helped us identify what was causing the drop-offs.

Testing new copy-concept on VAS for different user types

The aim was also to improve the user experience of this service. To help with that, I:

  • audited consistency across platforms
  • checked for broken windows / lost skulls
  • made recommendations based on copy audit
  • A/B tested the recommended copy
  • ran user testing to make sure new copy resonated with and was clear to users

Missing information

User interviews helped us to catch the points of frustration. With this information, we redesigned the existing content to better help the user along in their journey.

Right information when the user expects it

We also redid the landing page so that it aided the conversation the users’ were having with themselves about the service.

Old Landing Page Vs New Landing Page

Do your value-added services need a content-audit?

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