Auditing the User Experience of a Premium Service

project type: audit, rewrite, funnel messaging; duration: 2 weeks

The Challenge
dubizzle had launched a new premium value-added service but they were losing prospects over their unclear messaging.

My Involvement

I audited the user experience and messaging consistency across platforms.

Supporting Teams
Marketing, Product

The Brief

“Sell it For Me is a car selling service by dubizzle that specializes in selling cars for people seeking a hassle-free car sale process.” The new service was performing decently but they wanted more from their campaigns. It was a good service that needed clearer messaging.

Touch points

Getting to The Solution

I follow a time-tested process when designing messages. It starts with research & discovery and includes activities like:

  • reviewing existing content
  • reviewing brand guidelines
  • performing a competitor review
  • running user interviews
  • assessing current user-experience
User Interviews
Collating user interviews

We wanted to test the information the user would see about Sell it For Me. We worked with different copy and adjusted the amount of information we showed (and when) to identify what was causing the drop-offs. We also wanted to improve the user experience.

Testing new copy-concept on VAS for different user types

To help with that, I would:

  • audit consistency across platforms
  • check for broken windows / lost skulls
  • make recommendations based on copy audit
  • A/B test recommended copy
  • run user testing to make sure new copy was resonating and clear to users

Missing information

Through user interviews we were able to catch the points of frustration and redesign the existing content so that it guided the user along seamlessly.

Right information when the user expects it

We also redid the layout and content of the landing page to better match users’ needs and wants.

Old Landing Page Vs New Landing Page

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