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An assortment of UX writing projects I’ve worked on that don’t warrant a page of their own. These are just a few samples picked from bigger projects. Unless mentioned otherwise, I was the principal content designer.

Included here are projects related to upselling, error pages, SMS and push notifcations, form hints, etc.


The job was to get more users to feature their ads. We chose to show the message on the success page of the Place an Ad flow.
This worked for two reasons:

  1. It was riding on the momentum of the user’s successful ad placement.
  2. It didn’t inundate the user with too many options at the start of their journey.

We chose words and phrases from our voice-of-customer data because

  • It’s easier to convince a user if you’re speaking to them in their own words, and
  • It’s a terrible practice to try to convince the user by confirmshaming them.

0 search results

When the user searched for something that didn’t exist, this is what they’d see.

0 Search Results - Old
0 Search Results - Old

It’s right-to-left because when designing for the MENA market, we designed arabic-first.

The message followed the brand guidelines on humour and market appropriateness. But it wasn’t as helpful as it could be.

Here’s how we updated it later:

0 Search Results – New

Error Pages​

The dubizzle guy (brand character) is a fun dude who does not take himself too seriously.

Error Page - Maintenance
Error Page - Maintenance
Error Page - 500
Error Page - 500

Form hints

Quality score to help the user place a high-quality ad.
dubizzle uses American English.

Quality Meter
Quality Score
Form Error
Form Error

Onboarding on Mobile

I worked with the CLM team to help them design the right messages for their mobile campaigns.

iOS SMS - VOC Data

Some of these were campaigns where they’d onboard the user via SMS or push notifications.

Onboarding flow
Content Doc – Onboarding via Push Notifications on Android
Rich push notifications

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